C. Rysa Walker

C. Rysa Walker is the pen name Rysa adopts when she’s in the mood to tackle mysteries that are a little more grounded in reality than her various science fiction and fantasy series. Caleb Amsel is often her partner in crime for the Thistlewood Star Mysteries.

Thistlewood Star Mysteries

Praise for Thistlewood Star Mysteries:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"I love the twists and turns that kept me guessing and the story is so well-written, I am hooked on this series. "—Bookbub reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"The characters are likeable and well written and the mother daughter relationship is spot on."—Goodreads Reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"Well-drawn characters. I could watch the story like a movie, the sets were so clear." —Goodreads reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐"An exciting small town mystery that spans generations of history and prejudice."—Bookbub reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"An excellent mystery that is well grounded in believable characters and an intriguing plot."—Goodreads reviewer

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐"A great storyline and some supernatural aspects keep you turning the pages."—Goodreads reviewer

Baskerville for the Bear

Baskerville for the Bear: A Thistlewood Star Short Story


When a gunshot disturbs her morning, journalist Ruth Townsend is certain it's the neighbor she's already warned twice about hunting on her property. She takes off through the woods to confront him but stumbles upon more than she bargained for--a bear trap, complete with a dead bear.

Even though the sheriff and others advise her not to make waves, Ruth isn't inclined to let it go, especially after she finds an injured and abandoned cub in her shed. Will Ruth track down the bear's killer or find herself caught in his trap?

A Murder in Helvetica Bold

A Murder in Helvetica Bold (Thistlewood Star Mysteries #1)


When Nashville reporter Ruth Townsend's job and marriage both end abruptly, she decides to take an early retirement and focus on reviving her hometown newspaper. While reconnecting with a high school friend over lunch she gets embroiled in a neighborhood death. The sheriff and the victim's family are convinced that it was suicide and refuse to investigate further. But a shattered teacup and a hidden diary lead Ruth to a very different conclusion.

As she digs deeper, she discovers that even sleepy mountain towns like Thistlewood have secrets waiting to be unearthed. Can Ruth solve the mystery of who killed Edith Morton before she or someone she loves becomes the next obituary in the Thistlewood Star?

Palatino for the Painter

Palatino for the Painter (Thistlewood Star Mysteries #2)


When the rusted-out remains of a vehicle with a unique vanity plate are hauled out of the Freedom River, journalist Ruth Townsend and her best friend, Wren Lawson, think they've finally learned the truth about the disappearance of their high school friend, Tanya Blackburn. The rest of Thistlewood may have believed that Tanya simply packed up and headed for the bright lights of Nashville, but the story never made sense to Ruth and Wren, and the mystery has haunted both of them for more than three decades.

A set of paintings left for Ruth at the estate sale of a former teacher seem to contain clues about what really happened to Tanya in the summer of 1987. But when Ruth unboxes the collection, she discovers that Wren may be keeping a few secrets of her own.

A Seance in Franklin Gothic

A Seance in Franklin Gothic (Thistlewood Star Mysteries #3)


When Ruth Townsend discovers Tessa Martin's body in an abandoned factory, sprawled across a Ouija board, she does the responsible thing and calls 911. But by the time Sheriff Blevins arrives, the girl's body has vanished.

Blevins is convinced that Tessa is playing an elaborate hoax. But Ruth and her daughter, Cassie, know better. They both saw the body. ?

Ruth is certain the sheriff is hiding something, and it all seems connected to the odd cult holding a revival up in the mountains. With her best friend Wren by her side, she decides to investigate. Will Ruth and Wren figure out what happened to Tessa Martin, or will the killer slither away?

Courier to the Stars

Courier to the Stars (Thistlewood Star Mysteries, #4)

Coming in December!


Thistlewood is all decked out as a picture-perfect Christmas village and the ideal backdrop for a holiday movie. The entire town is abuzz with excitement until one of the actors, Oscar-winner Audrey Shaw, turns up dead in her trailer on the set.

Ms. Shaw's star faded decades ago, and her failure to show up for filming has put the production several days behind, at a time when the cast and crew would prefer to be home with their families. Rumor has it that Shaw was hitting the bottle again, as well.

The local sheriff, the mayor, and the film's producer all insist that Shaw's death was accidental. Ruth and Cassie are certain it was murder, but can they prove it--and locate the town Santa's missing reindeer--before the suspects pack up and head home to California on Christmas Eve?