Rysa Walker Science Fiction Author

The Delphi Resistance

What if your mind became your worst enemy?

On the run and struggling with evolving psychic powers, seventeen-year-old Anna Morgan and her equally gifted friends barely managed to escape the deadly experiments of the shadowy government operation known as the Delphi Project. Now Graham Cregg and his father, presidential candidate Ron Cregg, will stop at nothing to recapture the Delphi adepts they see as weapons to be controlled or destroyed.

Navigating an increasingly hostile landscape, Anna and her friends form a resistance to rescue adepts still in the Creggs’ ruthless grasp. More gifted kids vanish daily, but as public awareness of the Delphi Project grows, some begin to argue that the disappearances are a necessary evil.

Yet even as they face off against cold-blooded killers, government operatives, and a public intensely afraid of their powers, the greatest threat to Anna and the resistance may come from within themselves—and their own mysterious abilities could spell their ultimate downfall.



I'm delighted to announce that The Delphi Effect has been nominated as best Young Adult Thriller in this year's International Thriller Awards. You can learn more about my book and the other nominees in this month's edition of The Big Thrill. If you're in NYC on 7/13, come see me at ThrillerFest 2018. Other writers who will be at the festival include George R. R. Martin, Lee Child, James Rollins, Lisa Gardner, and Megan Abbott.

I've also released a novella in the Delphi series this month. If you've ever wanted to know more about how Anna wound up abandoned with a note that read "This child is possessed," then you'll want to grab a copy on Kindle or Audible. You'll find The Abandoned: A Delphi Novella, along with The Delphi Effect and all of my other books at http://www.amazon.com/author/walker.


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