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When the Cat's Away

Illustrations from When the Cat's Away

Girl watching through window as crow is hit by amber electrical sparks

Andras Gets Zapped

Combination of three Midjourney renders, one for the girl looking out the window, another for the crow, and a third forthe bolts of amber lightning.

Aali and the Dragon: a baby in a crib menaced by the shadow of a dragon

Aali and the Dragon

Three Midjourney prompts combined, one for the baby, one for the crib, and one for the dragon shadow. Some color correction and blending.

A mom...a little TOO cheerful

Aileen Rey: It's a VERY Good Day

Combination of two images from Midjourney. One for Aileen and one for the trailer and table.

Bakery clerk...also a little TOO cheerful

Sandra at the Bakery: It's a VERY Good Day

Combination of two images from Midjourney. One for the bakery and one for Sandra. Added the bakery logo.

Nurse with Daisy's bouquet

Nurse with Daisy's Bouquet

Entirely from Midjourney with minor color corrections.

Rev. Scott Jenkins Signs of the Times video on a tablet in a kitchen

Signs of the Times

Three for the kitchen and tablet, one for Jenkins, and one for the cross. Added show title.

Haunted high school

High School

Almost entirely Midjourney, with the prompt "high school lobby, haunted, with a Coke machine." I did a few color corrections and extended a wall. The floor isn't actually a sea of blood in the book, but it definitely evoked the mood, so I left it.



Two Midjourney results for MB and one for the eyes and mouth.

Raum as the Door Man in a computer tablet.

The Door Man

Two Midjourney prompts (one for the room, one for the tablet and contents) combined with stock image hands.

Killer in Cabin One at the Pinewood

Killer in Cabin One

Two Midjourney results, combined with a stock photo of the knife and hand, plus color correction in Photoshop.

Julie as Casey Decker in Scream with Ghostface wannabe in the background.

Julie Chased by Ghostface Wannabe

Two Midjourney results: one for the woman in the cabin and ghoul in the window. Combined in Photoshop with some color correction.

Boy in wheelchair watching fire at Hillcrest Hospital

Fire at Hillcrest

A single prompt in Midjourney except for repairs to the wheelchair, for which I pulled in a stock image, and some minor color correction.

Man in kitchen staring at a wooden puzzle box.

Kyle with Lemarchand's Box

Three Midjourney results. One of Kyle, one of the kitchen, and one for the puzzle box. I had to resize the box a bit to get it close. This used Midjourney's photorealism filter.

Zombie woman in the graveyard with three faceless men in the background

Carly and Crypt Kickers

Two prompts--one for Carly and one for her pallbearers. And I had to enhance her teeth a bit.

Hallway in the Grimshaw House with orange sneaker

The Grimshaw House in the Nexus

Two prompts. One for the sneaker and one for the hallway. And then I recreated the carpet pattern manually because I'm that big of a Stephen King geek that none of the patterns quite did it for me. Also, some color retouching and I painted in the fire hose cabinet.

Possessed girl

Daisy from Julie's Exorcist dream

Two Midjourney prompts: one for the body and room, one for the face. Minor color corrections and cropping.

A demon couple arguing at a bar.

Andras and Kimaris

Two Midjourney prompts: one for the main scene and one for the whiskey bottle. I did some manual touch-up in Photoshop to the bottle's top.

Chase in the Void

Chase Being Yanked Back to Haddonwood

Two prompts layered to create the void, stock photo for the silhouette.

Victorian house on fire

Grimshaw House on Fire

A single prompt. I removed a few stray branches and did some color correction.

Mob with torches, led by man in a black robe and cowl

Jenkins and the Mob

This one was complicated. The main setting and Jenkins, except for the face, was a single prompt. Jenkins's face was from an earlier prompt. The four townspeople were a separate prompt. Color correction and added torches and hands from stock art.

Werewolf against a full moon


A single Midjourney prompt. I removed an extra ear and did some color correction, but that's it. I will note that it took about ten times entering the prompt before I got one I really liked.

Girl dressed at Little Red Riding Hood on a small town Main Street at night

Little Red

Combination of two Midjourney prompts: one for Aali and one for the town. Some color correction and background removal.

The Grand Rialto

The Grand Rialto

A single Midjourney prompt. I added the words "Grand Rialto" and did some color correction and balancing.

Young woman in cheerleader outfit

Dani at the Theater

Two Midjourney renders. One was the theater. The other was complicated because I wanted it to match the earlier images I'd chosen for Dani. So I added two image prompts of those earlier renders, and kept submitting until I got one that was pretty close.

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